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You guys have to try this challenging game made by EarlsApps for Google Play Devices: AA2 PRO 

The Aa2 Pro game screen is simply amazingly dark toned, black background, the central place with a constantly rotating tan circle dots, like a huge spinning wheel, there are several balls to collect to the dot! With ad-free no popups or banners to worry about. Pass your time quickly with these 1200 challenging levels. Compared to other Aa games. This is an awesome Pro version that is gonna have everyone talking about it.

Aa2 Pro Game play is very simple and easy, when the ball starts turning everyone needs to tap by clicking on the screen, so that the top and bottom of the screen with a number of small balls stick to the huge ball, all the balls are attached to finish. Seemingly simple operational fun game to play, but try not to get too close to the other balls,or the game will sadly end. You will simply have to start that level all over again! Yikes.

How to play?

Just click the screen or tap at any screen position to shoot the dots in place, and don’t touch the dots on the circles at all or you will fail the level. You can also play the game on consoles if you want to.

Aa2 Pro Game Features:

– 1200 challenging levels.
– Tap to play!
– Do not let the balls collide with other balls.
– You can challenge anyone using png images.

Such a time passing game, but so what now? Quickly invite your loved ones and friends to inject into it. Beat them or get beat by them!

This is an ad-free paid game, purchase the game and download it with no worries of ads bugging your screen constantly like others and EarlsApps hope you will be satisfied with Aa2 Pro and that you beat all the Aa2 Pro levels before everyone else does!


Need to contact me for support and more?

Email is below at the very bottom as well as his website.
FB- EarlsApps
Twitter – EarlsApps
Instagram Message – EarlsApps
Snapchat – EarlsApps
Tumblr – EarlsApps

Send us your scores for shoutouts on all of our social fan pages with png/gif attachment

For press inquires please contact the gmail listed below under Developer Information.

– More Aa2 Pro Challenging Levels up to 20 more.
– Bug Fixes for Aa2 Pro (if any complaints).
– Leaderboard for Aa2 Pro.
– New Eye-Catching App Icon and Gui buttons
– Gif Screenshot option!

CLICK HERE to download this ad-free $1.99 game! It’s AWESOME.

Watch a small clip of the gameplay here.

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