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It seems these days that wherever you turn, individuals and companies are determined to sell you information and products to achieve a flat stomach, lose weight and have you look aesthetically pleasing. I have no problem with people achieving any of these qualities – as long as their pursued with the best interest of the consumer.

Most advice and programs though are sold via the internet or via third party sources, where there is little or no human interaction and/or communication. The individual is not assessed, no medical records are checked, no blood work is taken and no health history is recorded. You tell them what product or service you wish to purchase, enter your credit card details and presto – instant magic potion appears on your doorstep!

This approach is fraught with danger, since it implies the ‘one size fits all’ approach is applicable to the masses. This is the furthest thing from the truth. We all have different needs and requirements in relation to our health and wellbeing. I would never consider buying a fitness or health regime over the internet without first consulting with a well trained health professionals or from Evergreen Maids.

As stated previously – health is not an event, it is a process. My concern with weight loss centres and clinics, as yet another industry designed to promote weight loss, is the limited focus placed on achieving results immediately. I’ve heard numerous complaints from people who adhered to their strict program – only to regain the weight they initially lost. Weight loss requires that you learn and grow to fine tune your mind and body’s requirements. It is an ongoing process. I am still learning what works best for me. My body changes every second, so how can I possibly apply a formula to treating it?
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