Positive Quotes : Mes coups de cœur de la semaine #91

Positive Quotes :


As the quote says – Description

L'importance de faire ce qui nous passionne dans la vie, la clé du #succès. gagnersaviedivine…

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Celebrity Quotes : Quote of the Day by Lucille Ball

Life Quotes & Inspiration : 26.6.15 — Nights like this where we find yourself broken or melted, a future hope in Christ seems unimaginable and that is exactly why this verse comforts me so Much. Although hard to grasp this to Ever be true… With patience and endurance there will be an outcome worth all the pain. Let’s keep praying. Let’s keep trusting – even though our very beings tell us its all a lie. We need to hold onto the PROMISES of God. These will be exciting when they unfold and so worth it !!